CAPITAL DIGITAL Multimedia Communications

Founded by Michael Lazovsky in 1999, Capital Digital has become a leading multimedia development firm specializing in Advanced Website Development, Database Programming and New Media Advertising. With nearly 25 years of experience in advertising and multimedia communication, Michael Lazovsky has led his team of artists and programmers through positive and negative market conditions, enduring constant change in this dynamic industry.

"Over the many years there has been one constant... CHANGE. Being nimble and flexible enough to adapt to constant change has been our key to success in this dynamic and complex field. Our mission is to connect people through innovative & communicative design. We immerse ourselves in our clients industry, determine the solution, and build the application. We apply a special blend of advanced technology, creativity and raw talent, with a personal touch of quality customer service".


Michael Lazovsky, Founder / CEO / CTO, CAPITAL DIGITAL Multimedia Communications

CAPITAL DIGITAL Multimedia Communications

Capital Digital is a Multimedia Production Studio specializing in Advanced Website Development, Mobile Application Development and Search Management Services.

We use our expertise in creative design and programming to develop advanced websites, custom applications and e-commerce services world wide.

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